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I have much admiration for the man sitting next to me, my Dad, Lawrence A Boudreau. His teaching and guidance built the core of my values and ethics. This website and business is devoted to his memory, I hope that I am able to make him as proud of me as I am of him.

I have been around food in some fashion or another from my childhood, baking with my mother, working in catering in college, cooking on weekends for my fraternity brothers, to front of the house manager, and bartender. The next 25 years were well spent working on the sales side of Foodservice, with the three largest Broad Liners in the USA. The experiences of Street Salesman, District Manager, Training Manager, Business Development Manager, and Certified ServSafe® Instructor, have made me quite capable of assisting end users to a higher level of success and profitability.

I am happily married to a most wonderful woman, Nancy. We reside in Cambridge Massachusetts. Having a Canadian background and skating when I was 3, I support the Boston Bruins, UNH Hockey, and the Boston Red Sox. Some things just stay with you for life, right!

Thank you for reading my Bio, and I hope that our paths cross at some point. Until then, I wish you well and pass along the tip from my father that rings true for all, “Stay Positive”

Gary Boudreau